Thursday, 22 December 2011

Where are you Christmas? Why can't I find you?

So most of you will notice I haven’t been posting as often as I really should and I want to apologise for that. Unfortunately working in retail means long days around Christmas and currently I am 40 hours down in my 60 hour week so as you can imagine I am currently working, getting in eating and going to bed.
Unfortunately working in retail seems to have another downside... I’ve lost my Christmas spirit! Well actually I can’t really say I have lost the spirit because this year I haven’t even had it in the first place. By this time I’m normally getting excited and being a bit like a kid in a candy shop about Christmas, counting down the days and singing Christmas carols however this year seems to be the opposite.
Unfortunately with Christmas preparations beginning in November for me I think to be honest Christmas is running pretty thin. Not to mention the fact that Christmas seems to make people go mental. I guess the expense of Christmas and the stress of trying to organise just one day gets to people but I honestly cannot count how many times I have been smacked into with shopping trolleys, moaned at and abused for merely doing my job. I understand the stress but this however does not put me in the finest mood when I’m tired and grouchy from not spending time with my own family.

I even thought that wrapping my presents would put me in a good mood as normally with a bit of Christmas music on I would begin to feel Christmassy however there was nothing...nada. It just seemed like another chore.

I’m guessing that as I get older, Christmas is losing its magic, and that instead this is how Christmas is going to feel all I can say is I really hope not and that instead I am going to go into work tomorrow or Christmas Eve and suddenly the moaning and depression won’t matter and I will once again be excited for Christmas.

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