Monday, 24 October 2011

The Only Way Is Essex....OR is it?

So uni finished a grand total of 6 months ago and after initially being excited about coming home and uni being over (once I’d gotten over the sadness of leaving) I have begun to realise that actually I miss university a hell of a lot.
So returning home to Essex should have been exciting right? We’ve all seen the tv show- Essex is meant to be glamorous and fabulous and THE place to be. After all THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX right?...well if only that was correct. All I currently feel like is that I’d much rather be back at university. Real life is so boring.
Watching all my other friends return back to uni after placement for their 3rd year has made me a little bit jealous, following on Facebook their nights out and antics whilst I’m tucked up in bed by 10.30 ready for another 6.00 alarm. Maybe this is part of growing up but I can tell you now I don’t like it at all.
At university I was  constantly around people, going out most weeks at least once, having a laugh, being independent and being able to do whatever I wanted. At home however I feel that I’m constantly working, coming home to eat and sleep before back to work, saving all the money to fund my LPC, which at the moment seems right out of reach. Plus living at home means I have to fit in with others routines which being at university I didn’t have to do as often. I just feel like all I do is work without any free time or time to do anything- see my friends or try to meet a nice guy.
So maybe Essex isn’t THE place after all? To me it’s pretty dull and monotonous,following the same daily routine. Who knows maybe I’ll get used to lving at home, that once I’ve saved what I needed and am studying again and having free time to do what I want I’ll begin to feel like Essex is the place to be... If only life was like TV sometimes haha.
Not Quite Hollywood eh?!

Hallow-scream or Hello Sexy?

So it’s getting to that time of year, as the winter draws in and nights come earlier, you rush home to stick the heating on and to snuggle up to the duvet. That’s right October has well and truly sunk in and as it approaches the end my thoughts turn to Halloween...
Ok so working in Asda means I’ve had Halloween thrust in my face since I saw the stock sat out the back in September (believe it or not our warehouse is full of Christmas stuff already?!) but I had of yet not thought about my plans for Halloween...or a costume. Until tonight when I realised Halloween is next weekend and I have yet to decide on the costume.
 It's only been recently that I've become interested in dressing up for Halloween, I never really trick or treated as a child and it wasn't until university when I started dressing up and going out for Halloween- so far I've been a cat, a devil and a dead school girl.
Right I have my plan for this Halloween, a house party at the weekend at a friend's house (no trick or treating for me I think I’m too old for that) but then comes the dilemma what do I dress up as? As a kid it used to be dress as the scariest thing you could think of, an ugly scary witch but growing older it’s become about sexy not scary?! Nobody wants to be wearing a horrendously unflattering costume even if it is Halloween right? And there comes the problem do I find a costume that embraces the nature of Halloween- something truly terrifying, or do I find something that although scary based will still be sexy and flattering enough to look someway decent.

Do I become this:

Or this:

I guess I’ll have to mull it over this week and get cracking on creating the perfect costume- maybe somewhere in between.
IF anyone has any thoughts let me know... no doubt I'll tell you what I'll be after the weekend

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Auntumn Leaves under frozen soles

Well now autumn has crawled in (even though the weather the last few days has made it feel more like summer) and the dark nights and cold weather is coming back with avengance so I have decided it is about time I got back to my regular blogging now that life is less hectic.

I know what you're all've said this before and then nothing happened, but this time I'm going to continue. This blog is just what I need to distract me in my large amount of free time and if I'm honest with you I've missed writing... so I'm here to tell you that the blabberings of an Essex girl is back for good... and I'm asking for your feedback on the blog as well, I generally just write whatever I like and I don't know if my writing actually appeals to readers so any feedback left would be very helpful...

So I'll begin writing now

Zoe x