Saturday, 16 April 2011

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 6- A Picture of A Person You Would Love to Trade Places with for a Day

Right this one was quite tricky as there are a load of people I'd love to trade places with but I've decided on:

A Toddler
As I said it took me quite a while to pick out the person I'd want to trade places with. I started thinking of celebrities I'd love to trade places with like Kim Kardashian, Jessie J even Kate Middleton but I know that even for a day I couldn't cope with their lifestyle and the constant harrassment from the papparazzi, not to mention the work schedule/

So after racking my brains I decided on a toddler, any toddler it doesn't really matter age, race, religion, gender, just a toddler. I want to be reminded on when the world and life was exciting and new, when it was a mystery as to why it snowed but all you knew was it was a lot of fun, to still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, when there was a bit of magic in the world before you grow up and be cynical about everything.

So that's who I'd like to trade places with for a day... I'd love to hear who you would trade with

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