Friday, 15 April 2011

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent" Victor Hugo

Well anyone that knows me, or has seen my 30 day song challenge on Facebook, knows that I have an extremely varied music taste. I listen to anything from reggae to r n b to indie to heavy metal so I thought I’d share with you some of the songs I’m currently loving...and some of the songs I’m currently not liking as much.
Songs I like:

Bim- The Magic of Us

This is a fairly chilled out song that I like to listen to when I’m chilling out and revising. I heard it when I went to my housemates dance show after not hearing it for ages but I like to chill out and watch it.
Ben Montague- Haunted (or any other of his songs)

I was introduced to this guy by my friend Ellie, she went to see him in concert and was ranting and raving about him so I gave him a listen and now I’m obsessed. He writes most of his own music as well as doing some covers and plays the piano and guitar- my favourite song of his at the moment is haunted, it’s just a nice chilled out song but the lyrics are also very pretty

Starboy Nathan- Diamonds

I heard this on the radio a few weeks ago and since then I have been obsessed with it, I don’t know why but it’s just so catchy and I’ll be sat there and just start singing it.
Zoelah- wine up on me

This song is all down to my housemate Giovanna, She’s very into her dancehall and soca and got me into this artist. I listen to these when I’m getting ready to go out, it’s nice and upbeat and gets you into the dancy mood

I could go on forever of my favourite songs but I’ll get onto the songs I’m not feeling right now:
Katy Perry feat Kanye West- E.T

I don’t like this song on the album before Kanye got involved and I don’t like it now. Everyone seems to rant and rave about it but I just don’t get it, It’s not something I’ve heard and thought wow I like this, which I do with a lot of Katy Perry stuff and I really don’t like Kanye West.
Chris Brown- Look at Me Now

Three words Chris Brown: You CANNOT rap. IT’s an embarrassment that you even tried. Like most people I gave Chris Brown a second chance with his music, some of the older stuff like forever I loved and I must admit his song Yeah 3x is quite catchy but now he’s attempting to rap and trying to turn into Sisqo I must admit I’m less than impressed. Chris Brown maybe stick to the singing and leave the rapping to the professionals.
Wretch 32- Traktor

This is another song I just cannot stand. I don’t know why but it really grates on me, whenever I hear it when I’m out I’m the first person off the dance floor and on my way to the bar (normally I’m the first person on the dance floor when I hear a good song)

So these are some of my current likes and dislikes in the music world, feel free to leave your opinions and maybe recommend some songs I can listen to, I love listening to new artists and songs.

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