Thursday, 3 November 2011

An Essex Obsession?

So everyone knows Essex is apparently trendy at the moment. You only have to look at the popularity of TOWIE and it’s so called stars to see that Essex is currently a huge talking point...and yes people who have never been to Essex seem to have jumped on the Essex bandwagon, a phrase I seem to hear a lot is “essexing it up”. But what I seem to find hard to get my head around is why there is the sudden popularity with Essex and these stereotypes.
So it’s always been the case, there’s been a social stereotype in place if you mention that you’re from Essex, especially if you’re female. We’re all apparently sluts, normally blonde, wear stilettos and dance around our handbags. It’s not just a nationwide thing but a worldwide thing- going on holiday and saying you’re from Essex provokes the same reaction as it would talking to someone in the UK. But just recently if I’m talking to people who aren’t from Essex I hear the phrase “OH you’re from Essex what is it like?!”
This may seem a minor thing but to me it really grates on my nerves how Essex has been portrayed. These so called stars from popular television shows, not just The Only Way is Essex, but 2 Shoes from the X factor make us all out to be living the celebrity high life  but to be players and stupid bimbos relying on our looks. I’ve lived in Essex my whole life and I can honestly say that although yes there are some people who live up to the stereotype the majority of us are just normal people... like any other place.
The phrase “Essexing it up” really gets on my wick as well. I’ve seen it be used a lot of times on things like facebook by people who have, merely put on a bit of fake tan and some eyelashes. Since when did this count as Essexing it up instead of just getting ready to go out? Why are some people so keen to buy into this stereotype? MY suggestion stop jumping on a frankly ridiculous bandwagon.
So although I feel proud that my hometown is mentioned- normally for bad things such as the dodgy Basildon sign, remember that what’s being portrayed may be this:

But in reality we’re really like this:

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  1. This made me giggle, don't think I could get further from the stereotype, pale skin, brown hair, have been to a club twice in three years, and the only white/ ivory stillettos currently in my possession are my wedding shoes! x