Sunday, 6 November 2011

30 Day Disney Challenge- Day 1: Your Favourite Character

So I know I'm rubbish at keeping these challenges up but finding this challenge I just had to start it (and finish it)
I'm a bit of a disney fanatic, have been since I was little so here comes the 30 Day Disney Challenge
Day 1: Your Favourite Character

Right I really found this one hard as being the Disney nut I am I have many favourite characters out of many of the films. So I thought long and hard and picked my current favourite character as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast has always had a special place in my heart as I love the storyline, and the songs. I like the character of Belle as although starting out as a rather timid character I love watching the development she goes through from meeting the Beast and her sheer determination to stand up to Gaston and the villagers.

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  1. Thanks Zo Zo I now want to watch this and don't have it!!