Monday, 24 October 2011

The Only Way Is Essex....OR is it?

So uni finished a grand total of 6 months ago and after initially being excited about coming home and uni being over (once I’d gotten over the sadness of leaving) I have begun to realise that actually I miss university a hell of a lot.
So returning home to Essex should have been exciting right? We’ve all seen the tv show- Essex is meant to be glamorous and fabulous and THE place to be. After all THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX right?...well if only that was correct. All I currently feel like is that I’d much rather be back at university. Real life is so boring.
Watching all my other friends return back to uni after placement for their 3rd year has made me a little bit jealous, following on Facebook their nights out and antics whilst I’m tucked up in bed by 10.30 ready for another 6.00 alarm. Maybe this is part of growing up but I can tell you now I don’t like it at all.
At university I was  constantly around people, going out most weeks at least once, having a laugh, being independent and being able to do whatever I wanted. At home however I feel that I’m constantly working, coming home to eat and sleep before back to work, saving all the money to fund my LPC, which at the moment seems right out of reach. Plus living at home means I have to fit in with others routines which being at university I didn’t have to do as often. I just feel like all I do is work without any free time or time to do anything- see my friends or try to meet a nice guy.
So maybe Essex isn’t THE place after all? To me it’s pretty dull and monotonous,following the same daily routine. Who knows maybe I’ll get used to lving at home, that once I’ve saved what I needed and am studying again and having free time to do what I want I’ll begin to feel like Essex is the place to be... If only life was like TV sometimes haha.
Not Quite Hollywood eh?!

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