About Me!

Right so I thought I would give you the opportunity to know a little bit about me (the person sat here writing all these posts)

Well this is me. I'm Zoe, just turned 21 and from a little place called Benfleet in a larger place called Essex

I've recently graduated from the University of Surrey with a LLB Law (Hons) and am currently working in Asda so that I can afford my LPC next year (I'm still a long way from the £12,000 I need)
Anyone that knows me knows I'm a loud, bubbly personality who always has something to say...and that's part of the reason that The Blabberings of An Essex Girl was born.

This blog is a mixture of all things I have to say whether on current issues, something on television or my latest beauty buy.
If you have any suggestions on this blog please leave comments and let me know.