Friday, 10 June 2011

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 7: A picture of your most treasured item

Right so I have decided to get back onto the blogging bandwagon and so am picking up from where I left off with the 30 Day Picture Challenge. So here is day 7:

I have a couple of treasured itens and I can't decide between them so this is going to be my most treasured items.

So number one: The gold ring with sapphire and diamonds. This ring was my nan's engagement ring which my mum gave to me a few years ago, it started out in my cupboard but I've begun to wear it more and more.
Number two: Another item which although relatively new holds a lot of sentimental value is the necklace my mum and stepdad bought me for christmas. I used to wear a necklace given to me by my ex but of course after a break up that went away into a cupboard and now lacking a necklace my mum and stepdad bought me this.

Number 3: Right the final item I have chosen may seem a little bit stupid and people will probably laugh but my phone is one of my most treasured items. Especially at uni its a way of contact with my family and friends and whenever I forget it when I go anywhere I always feel like my arms missing and I hurry home to find it and catch up on the texts etc I have missed.

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