Monday, 7 February 2011

Home is where the heart is...where we started...where we belong

So this weekend I decided to venture home back to Essex seeing as uni didn’t start properly till the 8th for me. It’s probably only been three weeks since I was home for Christmas but I decided to pay a nice visit back and catch up with the people I didn’t get to see over Christmas and also to spend some time with my family.
I spent about 3 days at home and in those 3 days I appeared to fit a lot in. I managed to catch up with Nicole, my friend from college for lunch and a chat, focusing a lot on her wedding plans. Although I’m nowhere near the whole wanting to settle down and get married stage I did enjoy discussing it with her and hearing all about the plans for her wedding and afterwards. I also took the little sister to the cinema with my mum to see Tangled. I think I was most excited about it, Tiah wasn’t all too bothered. If you haven’t seen the film I highly recommend it. It’s fun for all ages and had my giggling in pieces but still had the happy ending you expected from Disney. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly to the people who know what a party animal I am) I managed to fit in a girls night out on Friday night. I ended up in Liquid for a bit of Bas Vegas with Kirstie (who I used to work with in Asda, before she left us to go work in the hospital). I must say it was a very good night out and I enjoyed our catch up as well as enjoying a good night out at home, all be it a bit drunken.

The thing I learnt from the weekend, and the whole point on this blog post, is me realising how much I love my home town. Although when I was living there before uni, I was constantly moaning about how much I hated Essex and wanted to get out, now I am actually out of it I wanna go back, and the weekends like this one remind me why.
Firstly I just find Essex so much friendlier. I go out at uni and there’s a strange atmosphere, like you have to be careful who you talk to and some people appear to have a stick up their ass. In Essex however it’s a completely different atmosphere, anyone talks to anyone, you can stand at the bar and whilst waiting have 3 different conversations, stand in the smoking area and have loads of chats, and everyone is always welcomed with a hug and normally a kiss on the cheek, regardless of how long you’ve known them, whereas in uni it’s the kind of awkward hug of oh you’re a stranger.
 I also like nights out better in Essex, maybe it’s just because Guildford is ridiculously expensive and the union although cheap gets tiresome after a while. In Essex I seem to be able to spend less money, have more to drink and dance a lot more. Telling my housemates about the nights out they’ve decided they want to come to Essex and try out a night out, the question being are they ready for Essex? And is Essex ready for them?
I guess I am proud of being an Essex girl, I’m not one of these people who when asked where they are from reply “oh a little place just outside London” which is an answer I have discovered a lot of people I know do. I’m proud to tell people I’m an Essex girl (even if the reaction is usually related to the stereotype) and I’m quite looking forward to moving back in the summer once uni has finished.

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