Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Day...The Single Way

So if you haven’t already guessed I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I have no boyfriend and so wasn't expecting to do anything really exciting in the lead up. However the girls all decided that we shoukd go on a group dinner on the "most romantic day of the year". Hearing this I decided instead to rename the day for me "Celebrate Being Single Day". And last night I did.
So what did you actually do, I hear you ask? Well the day was pretty boring, obviously the postman sent all my cards and presents to the wrong house haha but I spent the day doing uni work and attending the hour of classes I had. That evening however I did celebrate. I went with 5 of the girls for dinner.
 WE went to a lovely little restaurant that’s just opened in Guildford called AllBarOne- yeah the name made no sense to me either. Anyway it’s a lovely little restaurant/cocktail bar and I know they have lots of locations and you should all go visit.
I loved the catch up and gossip I ended up having with the girls and I must admit I completely forgot what day it actually was. Even with Jess making an idiot of herself numerous times in front of Olly our waiter with her demands for spoons and her hate of Claudia’s bedroom furniture.
For it being Valentine’s Day the restaurant really wasn’t that busy. There were probably 3 couples in there with us and another group of 6 girls who arrived halfway through our meal. I guess couples are now deciding to eat in and spend alone time together on Valentines (I did hear that the M&S 2 dine for £10 ended up being raided that day) and I must admit it was nice having the restaurant virtually to ourselves for the night.
I must admit I did pig out and had a starter, main and dessert but it was so good. Right well I ate Calamari with aioli sauce for starter, gammon for main and then chocolate fudge brownie for dessert which was the biggest slice of brownie I’d seen for my life.
I have also discovered some new cocktails that I want to try. I started with the Pink Spritzer which consisted of Champagne, Blackcurrant Liqueur and Lemonade and I must admit that was yummy. Then there were a few more cocktails including the Elderflower and Cucumber one that apparently tasted of cucumber (can’t say that that appeals to me really but apparently it was nice) and the Merry Berry and Winter Cruise which I think may be a must for the next visit.
I can honestly say it was the best way to spend Valentines, dinner and cocktails with the girls putting the world to right and doing what we do best and just having fun. I hope you all had a lovely day too.
Oh and I forgot the best part...I got my first ever rose. We were sat there before the meal discussing the fact that we hadn’t gone and bought chocolates or cards etc for the girls as it would be completely pointless for us to do so. Anyway after saying this Mimi came home from work and surprised us all with roses. They weren’t red roses as she informed us that the florist in Wimbledon near where she’s currently working wanted £90 for a bunch of red roses- a bit steep I know! Anyway we ended up all getting a single yellow rose- yellow symbolising friendship and loyalty and as my mum responded to my text telling her of my rose, friends can always be relied on...and I guess she was right.

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