Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February: An Update

Well a whole month has already gone from the calendar and we can well and truly say we are into 2011. This both terrifies and excites me. It means that there’s only 5 months till I graduate and turn 21 but also means its closer to summer which I cannot wait for!
So I’ve finally started my new year’s resolutions properly, only a month after I made them! The healthy eating is well and truly kicking off, even if I have had a few malfunctions with the cooking, like blowing up a jacket potato in the microwave, but in all fairness that wasn’t my fault. I’m also going to the gym more, I’ve had the membership since last year and think I could count the times I’ve been in the last 6 months on both hands- which is bad considering how much I’m paying for it. However that is all going to change, I’ve already been to the gym 3 times since Friday and I’m also making use of these 10 minute workout DVDs I’ve bought. I am yet to try the ministry of sound one that I have, anyone have any tips or tricks for it?
So February...what do you have in store for me? Well if my friend has her way I will be kicking off February with a round of speed dating. The University in all their wisdom have decided to arrange speed dating for the 7th February. I am however rather sceptical of what will be achieved apart from maybe embarrassing myself for all eternity and meeting some questionable people- I mean what if everyone who turns up is female? No dates are gonna occur then.
February also marks the start of a new semester of university (the final one) and means I’m actually going to have to do some work instead of sitting with a book open staring blankly at the same page pretending that I’m doing work.
February also holds Valentine’s Day *shudders*. Don’t get me wrong if you enjoy the day good for you, but I personally cannot stand it, even in a relationship. I loathe all the hearts and cupids everywhere and all the adverts asking me to make my love known to my valentine by spending loads on some present or card they’ll look at for two seconds then not look at again. It’s not that I’m single and bitter, I just find the whole day completely over commercialised and a way for Hallmark to rip everyone off. The idea of a day put aside to tell people you love them is probably a sweet idea however why should you just use one day? This valentines day I will be doing what I do best, sat in front of the TV with a film, takeaway and ice-cream with my housemates, celebrating independence and friendship.

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