Monday, 23 May 2011

Just A Quick Hello!!

Right this post is basically a quick post apologising for my absence from this blog. I am aware that I haven't posted in a long long while and yes I know it must be irritating following a blog that rarely updates (I know I get anxious to read new posts from some of the blogs I'm following). But I do have a genuine reason. I am ridiculously busy with my final year exams coming up in just over a week so I am currently in the madness stage of revision consisting of ridiculously long hours and the acceptance that I am going to be sleep deprived.

But the good news is yet to come: I will be back on the 7th June (or maybe the 8th depending on how drunk I get after my last exam) and I will have a whole summer to keep you all updated about everything I shall be up to and also telling you about what I've been doing in my absence, which includes a review of Olly Murs and his support bands after seeing them last night.

So I just ask you be patient for another 2 weeks and then I shall be back. Also any suggestions on anything you wanna read about, whether it's about my life, or a general issue then they are very welcome.

Sit tight

Zoe x

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